Expressing The Love of Christ In A Changing World

Welcome to worship at the First Baptist Church of Hyattsville in Hyattsville Maryland. We are a diverse body of believers committed to helping each other experience God’s love and live out the teachings of Jesus Christ day to day.

Our Mission is to pursue a deep and intimate personal relationship with Jesus the Christ.  Out of that relationship we will seek to look at the world around us through Jesus’ eyes and to respond to the needs we see as though we were responding to Jesus Himself.  We accept willingly the challenge that each of these commitments represents and promise to support one another and all who join this faith community on this journey.

Here we enter a fellowship.  Sometimes we will agree to differ.  Always we will resolve to love and unite to serve.



5701 42nd Ave., Hyattsville, MD 20781  +   Phone 301-927-0545