At First Baptist Hyattsville we believe that our Vision for our life as a congregation is a fluid, organic thing.  This is symbolized by the separated puzzle pieces that you saw on our welcome page.  The pieces of our Vision come together when we as a community of faith; studying, praying, and serving together answer the four questions represented by the various puzzle pieces:


  1. What is God’s dream for FBCH?  In our Bible study, our prayer life, and our conversations with each other we are always listening for what God wants us to be doing to further God’s Kingdom.
  2. What do we need?  That is, what do the various members of this community of faith need to help them grow in their faith and service?  What do they need to assist them in dealing with the joys and sorrows and challenges of their daily lives?
  3. What does the world around us need?  When we look at our immediate community, what are the needs that face the persons living in that community?  Housing? Hunger?  Addiction services?  Child care and education?  What?  We need to keep our finger on the pulse of the community through ongoing involvement and through listening to the people served by the ministries already in place.
  4. What can we Do and Be?  Given the realities of our resources, our membership, and our skill set at any given time, how do we translate these into a response to question 1 in light of questions 2 and 3?

The expression of our Vision is a living endeavor.  It is not a stagnant thing; but one that grows and develops.  Always seeking to be lead by the One who has called us to be God’s people in this time and place.  We’d love to have you join us.  Come be part of that growing Vision as we live out our faith together.  The journey of faith and service is an adventure.  Come share it with us!